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Creator of and drummer for Rockin' the Standards Spending the last 24 years of his life teaching elementary school, Tim now gets to live out his dream of playing drums in a rock 'n' roll band. Tim wrote the lyrics to all of the RTS songs in order to help kids remember California's State Academic Standards. Mr. Bedley teaches 4th and 5th grades in Southern California. Tim's musical experience includes drummer for The Proclaimers in the mid 80's and The Dave Morrow Band in the 90's. Tim is the 2013 Riverside County Teacher of the Year!   



Singer/Guitar-guy BenJAMIN Jacobs has been making guitar fans happy for several decades now. Ben's claim to fame: lead guitarist for the rock bands ROSE and Mad at the World. A song from Ben's latest band, the Jolly Lamas, aired on Conan O'Brien and Dog the Bounty Hunter!. Ben is also the lead singer and guitarist of Rockin' the Standards. Currently, when Ben isn't screaming into the mic at RTS concerts, he designs multimedia, websites and illustrations for Uncle Sam. Don't be fooled by the picture...he's not nearly as cool as he looks.

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Bassman Ryan has been playing in bands for most of his brief life. He is multi-talented playing both bass and guitar. His smooth vocals provide wondrous tones filling in the RTS sound. When Ryan isn't busy being a rock star, he works as a construction supervisor. The other band members are trying to get Ryan to quit smiling so much. Such a happy gent. Ryan also plays bass in The Dave Morrow Band.



The Manager This is the guy who gets all the credit for you knowing about RTS. You may want to contact him and let him know how thankful you are for getting the word out. He's also the guy to talk to if you want to book an RTS concert at your school or event. Mike teaches 3rd grade and is the unofficial school clown.