Rockin the Standards

Do You Think That Bringing Rockin' the Standards to Your School is IMPOSSIBLE?

Watch this short video of one teacher's story about how she made it possible for her students.


The Story of Rockin'' the Standards

Tim Bedley, veteran elementary school teacher, has taken common tunes and changed the lyrics to help kids remember what they''ve been taught in school. Kid-tested and way-too-fun, this CD will brighten your classroom or home, and your kids will learn academic standards in the process.

In September of 2005, Tim sat down with his computer and started changing the lyrics of old songs. He thought, "My students just have the hardest time remembering some really important concepts. I have to keep reteaching and reteaching. If only I could get them to sing the information, they would NEVER forget!" Tim gradually began teaching his class of 3rd graders each of these songs...and it WORKED! No longer did students inquire, "What''s a trapezoid?" Spelling improved when ''flys'' turned into ''flies.'' Tim would ask his students, "What does ''re'' mean?" and instantly they would respond, "AGAIN!" The power of music took over Tim''s classroom!

As Open House approached, Tim wanted his students to perform the songs for their parents. But there was only one problem. Mr. Bedley doesn''t play any musical instruments. His first thought was to invite a pianist in to accompany his students'' singing. But who would be willing to come to school and practice and perform? AH-HA!! Tim figured he could talk a friend into playing the songs into a tape recorder. Well, he couldn''t stop at that and ended up making a full blown recording with complete instrumentation and vocals.

In April of 2006, Mr. Bedley passed out initial copies of his recording to all of his colleagues at Wildomar Elementary School. Soon after, more and more teachers wanted copies of his CD, so Tim decided to get the CD professionally duplicated and packaged and put it on CD Baby. Since then, Tim and his singing students have appeared in newspaper articles, TV News features, and The Costco Connection. Now, teachers and parents all over the nation are singing these very simple, yet incredibly effective, songs with their kids. Education will never be the same!

THEN, in August of 2007, Tim teamed up with Ben Jacobs, an amazingly talented rock musician, to redo the Singin'' the Standards CD as a hard-hitting rock ''n'' roll album. This time, Tim called it Rockin'' the Standards. The new CD became available to the public in March of 2008. The first Rockin'' the Standards CD contains 14 math songs with two new tracks, original tunes written by Ben. Look for the language arts version in the summer of ''08.

  • ROCKIN'' THE STANDARDS "Math" is a CD of songs for elementary school students. Each song acts as a mnemonic device allowing children to instantly recall information learned in school. 14 songs address topics such as angle names, mean mode median, place value, skip counting, measurement and conversion, quadrilaterals, parallel and perpendicular, and much more.
  • ROCKIN'' THE STANDARDS "Math" is a CD recording that is STANDARDS BASED. Each and every song addresses different basic standards which apply to several grade levels (primarily grades 2 through 5.)
  • ROCKIN'' THE STANDARDS "Math" contains very simple songs written to familiar, catchy tunes. Students master these songs after only a few listens. Kids will sing them over and over again in their heads and aloud.
  • ROCKIN'' THE STANDARDS "Math" is not like other children’s CDs. These songs don’t have “fluff” lyrics. Each song cuts straight to the objective so kids can mentally access information as they complete assignments. Students don’t need to wade through line after line of needless song lyrics.
  • ROCKIN'' THE STANDARDS "Math" is classroom tested. In fact, these songs have been recorded professionally because of the incredible effect the music was having on student performance and attitude in Tim''s classroom. The magic was too powerful to keep a secret. Students love these songs and use them to improve academic performance. This CD makes your classroom come alive!
  • ROCKIN'' THE STANDARDS "Math" is a novelty! Where else have you heard hard rock songs that kids and adults love with lyrics that teach academic standards?